Gene Sollock hosted the Annual Clover Forage Field Day for 14 years. His history with raising grass-fed cattle has been captured in several videos by Aron Brackeen. The links to the videos on You Tube are listed below.

Thank you, Gene, for all your time and willingness to share your knowledge with others.

Aron Brackeen of Extraordinary Moments has spent weeks recording Gene Sollock's information and education on improving pastures, incorporating legumes into existing pastures, rotational grazing and raising beef without chemicals.  Aron has done installments on YouTube that can be reached by following the links below (Once the YouTube player starts, look at the bottom right corner of the video player under the Views and click the watch in high quality.):


1- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 1 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 1 Summary w/ Gene Sollock


2- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 2 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 2 Summary w/ Gene Sollock
-Condition the soil
-Cultivate beetles & earth worms
-Control parasites using apple cider vinegar


3- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 3 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 3 Summary w/ Gene Sollock
-How to do a soil test
-Helping the clover get started
-Have to rotate, rotate, rotate (!)


4- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 4 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 4 Summary w/ Gene Sollock
-Weather challenges
-What disc do to soil
-Why hay is not best
-Ways to use paddocks


5- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 5 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 5 Summary w/ Gene Sollock
-Problems with ponds
-Purpose of water points in paddocks
-Plan it out
-People reconsidering


6- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 6 w/ Gene Sollock


Episode 6 Summary w/ Gene Sollock
-Meds and vaccines
-Managing loss
-Making the sale
-Message from the heart


7- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 7 w/ Karen Hadaway


Episode 7 Summary w/ Karen Hadaway
-Realize you can farm
-Recommended resources
-Right way to start


8- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 8 w/ Karen Hadaway


Episode 8 Summary w/ Karen Hadaway
-Water lines
-Ways to install them
-What to consider with electric fence


9- Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 9 w/ Karen Hadaway


Episode 9 Summary w/ Karen Hadaway
-Manure as Fertilizer
-Money Saved on Hay
-Microbes in the Soil
-Many Health Benefits

-Marketing grassfed beef


10-Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 10 w/ Tommy Carroll


Episode 10 Summary w/ Tommy Carroll
-Another convert of Gene's
-Alternative hog fence
-Abundance of clover


11-Gene Sollock IMG: Episode 11 w/ Tommy Carroll


Episode 11 Summary w/ Tommy Carroll
-Amounts of forage and H2O
-Acreage cleared
-Average rotation
-About time to start

Three-part PowerPoint Presentation:

Gene Sollock's PowerPoint Presentation 1 of 3

Gene Sollock's PowerPoint Presentation 2 of 3

Gene Sollock's PowerPoint Presentation 3 of 3 

* This concludes this series of the Gene Sollock Grassfed Paddock System episodes.

Links for Gene Sollock's MIG Audio Files

Gene Sollock's MIG Audio Files (approx. 2hrs:35mins)

You can download the two parts by clicking the links below:

Gene Sollock's MIG_Part 1 of 2
Gene Sollock's MIG_Part 2 of 2


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